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AR-IST LLC is official certified partner of United Elements Company which is distributor of International McQuay , Carel , Daikin , Pioneer , LG , Airwell and other companies. We are actively partnering with VENTS and Casals companies.
AS-TECH offers you high quality air conditioners and conditioning systems. The service include:
  • Project planning
  • Integration with any type area (e.g. Smart home)
  • High quality products(Recommended)
  • Further maintanance 

So, you can see a few types of air conditioners just for having a certain picture of sevice we can provide you!

Daikin   Canal split-systems 

Lineup channel systems Daikin inverter comprises a series of different-Expendable artesian characteristics: low pressure, medium, high and very high.
All models are distinguished by exceptional simplicity and ease of installation and commissioning, as well as high performance.

High pressure conditioner FDQ-B / RZQ-C from Daikin.


  • External static pressure up to 250 Pa. allows extensive ductwork runs and flexible application: ideal for use in large rooms.
  • 26.4 kW heating mode.
  • 24 hour timer enables heating or cooling mode at any time within 24 hours.

McQuay Multi-Split systems

The range of multi-split systems is presented in a series of 2 versions - an arbitrary set and only for a complete wall units - with cooling capacities from 1.3 to 9.1 kW.


Modern outdoor unit - M5MSY-BR
• Japanese technology.
• Ease of installation and maintenance.
• High EER / COP (above requirements for Euro Energy Label A / A).
• Daikin inverter compressor increased efficiency.
• The control system Daikin.
• Axial fan and ED Daikin.
• Hydrophilic coating fin

AirwellCentral conditioners

Series TR from Airwell

Серия TR

• 15 sizes with air output from 1,500 to 100,000 cubic meters / hour;
• Certification EUROVENT all the technical specifications and selection program;
• Frame - aluminum profiles with angled elements from polycarbonate reinforced with fiberglass;
• Improved seal design;
• Panel thickness - 25 mm for sizes 20 TR-TR 360 (air capacity up to 30 000 m3), 50 mm - for other sizes;
• Select the type of insulation - fiberglass or mineral wool;
• Standard support frame;
• Inspection door with polyamide hinges and rotary handles, locks of the same design as that of PremiAir, providing improved air tightness of doors and the absence of thermal bridges;
• Ability to successfully use units for comfort and industrial air conditioning (both standard and high quality, such as "clean" rooms), for outdoor installation in aggressive environments, etc.

NOTE! The products listed above are only a little part of conditioners we offer you , you can know full information for split , multi-split, multi-zone , central conditioners , rooftops and other products by contacting us!

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